Presenting the WordCamp Philippines 2012 Shirt

Andrew (in WordCamp shirt) with Matt at WordCamp Philippines 2008

Meet Andrew. He’s our resident designer for all things WordCamp since 2008. His WordCamp design portfolio includes, among others, the 2008 WordCamp Philippines shirt, which WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg made special mention of at WordCamp San Francisco 2008, and WordCamp New York’s 2009 logo.

Find out more about his design workflow in this short Q&A:

Lyle: Hi Drew. Thanks for designing this year’s WordCamp Philippines tee. Can you tell us about your design background?

Andrew: Before I got into web development I was interested in Graphic Design.
Ever since college I was known as “the guy who designs”.  I did logos,
posters, banners for the school organizations I’m affiliated with.
Ironically, I didn’t graduate with a Fine Arts degree (Ateneo de
Manila didn’t offer it at that time).  My course was Management
Economics.  But a few years later I flew to New York City to study
Digital Design at Pratt Institute. That was when I got really immersed
into art and design.  Amusingly, my good grades also made me a partial
scholar and got me a few internships after graduation.

Lyle: You’ve been our resident designer since the first WordCamp in the
Philippines. Where do you draw inspiration in designing these shirts?

Andrew: I would like to call my designs as “good accidents”.  In the case of
the first WordCamp shirt I wanted to give it a local vibe by using the
WordPress logo and put rays around it like the sun found on the
Philippine flag.  I was happy with it, but it wasn’t until I
unintentionally clicked on the splatter brush that it began to look a
lot cooler.

Lyle: Tell us how you came up with this year’s design.

Andrew: While I was designing this one I used clean lines, shapes and bold
typography, which are characteristic of old propaganda art.  I also
find it relevant now that even our freedom to blog is being
threatened.  More than ever, it is the right time to be nationalistic.

Indeed, it is! So without further ado, I present this year’s WordCamp Philippines Shirt. Each registered camper gets one!

WordCamp Philippines 2012 T-Shirt


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